This past month I got to make one of my longtime dreams come true by curating an art show. The idea came from research that I did in Adam Garcia’s Design Thinking class this term. The class was focused on making design work that is participatory, and using user-generated content in our projects.

Art supply stores always have boards and scrap papers sitting in front of their pen displays, full of marks, drawings and words anonymously contributed by passerby. I collected these over the course of several months and scanned, archived and printed them all in an art show in Food for Thought gallery on Portland State campus.


One of my favorite parts of this project was picking the names for each piece, which I chose based on words found in the pieces themselves. All of them were printed at 100% of their original size, except for the title piece, Test, which was printed at 800%. Here are some of the illustration boards:


Pen on illustration board


Just a frakes in the crowd
Pen on illustration board



Pen on illustration board

The full online archive is up at, check it out!


Last week for Design Week Portland I went to the Letterpress Fair at ADX. It made me want to do letterpress soooo bad! Letterpress makes everything look beautiful. I took some photos and bid on a poster by my friend Danielle Deer.

I got to go inside the Movable Type Truck and make a print too!

Hello from my place… This is where I get stuff done. Right now I am excited to be working on a branding project for my friend, photographer Branden Harvey. I love doing branding and I love helping creative people better represent themselves to the world, so this is going to be a fun project for me. I am also wrapping up my work for An Abundant Life, which I’ve been working on for over a year. We got the product a few weeks ago finally and it was very fulfilling to remember all of the work I did on the design turn into a finished product. I’m excited to see their online store and website launch soon. Other than that I am working on the upcoming Orientation Guide for the Vanguard newspaper with Nicole Durkin, who is art directing, along with everyone else down at the PSU Vanguard. It’s coming out Sept. 10 so if you’re a PSU student or are on campus be sure to pick one up. We’re working hard on photos, illustrations and graphics for it so it should be something pretty special.

The view from the window of my studio… It’s been a few months since I moved and I’m still adjusting to having all of this space devoted just to creativity and working. So far it has definitely made me at least twice as productive as I was before- I just feel sooo inspired to start working when I get up in the morning! I never used to be a morning person but ever since I moved into this place I love making my decaf coffee and sitting at my desk next to the window each morning, ready to keep working projects.

That’s it for now, I’m looking forward to my fall design classes at PSU and this year at the Vanguard as production manager. I’ve been getting to know everyone there this summer and there are some pretty rad people working there so I know this next school year will be awesome.

-Lizzie 08/23/12

Since I’m on summer break right now I spent the past week redesigning my website and now it’s up. I updated it to include more recent projects and figured figured out how to use fancybox for the illustrations so it’s all fancy.

I’m going to be updating this one more often with more recent stuff. Check it out!

-Lizzie 7/30/12

This is my final project in my illustration class this term… The project was to design a map of Portland but the assignment was really open-ended so I decided to map out the best places to sit and read a book in Portland. I included all of my favorite spots for reading and I had a lot of fun drawing all of the little people:

Happy reading!

My illustration for Kevin Rackham’s article about the University Pointe student housing. To read the full article, visit PSU Vanguard.

My illustration for a PSU Vanguard opinion piece about the PSU Graphic Design department’s program called Friendtorship. The program pairs PSU GD students with at-risk highschool students who wouldn’t typically consider college. They do design projects which are published on their blog.

My illustration for this week’s opinion piece about parenting in college:

To read the full article, visit PSU Vanguard

For my digital illustration class, we created a series of illustrations/patterns around a specific theme for use in licensing. Since I have been waiting for the rain to clear away so we can feel the sun again in Portland, I decided my theme should be spring. I decided to go abstract with it and I avoided typical spring motifs like flowers. Here are the illustrations that I created:

The whole set has tons of triangles and geometric shapes which I drew by hand and then took into illustrator to color.

I liked this project because I got to integrate type using pen and ink. I mostly had T-shirts, bags and stickers in mind for the type but it could be used on any product.

The little shades were my favorite part.

I mocked the illustration set up on a few things in Photoshop to get the idea of what they look like on products:

My favorite is this pencil case:



My illustration for PSU Vanguard piece about renovations, I tried to make it look like PSU campus is just falling apart at the seams… To read the article visit …Enjoy!

-EHT 05/22/12