Today I was walking around and accidentally wandered into a store where there were no sales people, just strange objects and manniquens everywhere. I started photographing everything I could.

For a long time now I have been obsessed with hands, and with hand figurines. I could not believe these were just lying on the floor.

The limbs were disjointed and strange. They were in a very odd room with no one but me. At one point a man walked in, paced back and forth holding a clipboard and talking on a cellphone without really taking in his surroundings and then left. The human body communicates in a language that is understood by all other humans regardless of their cultural background. If these figures are using their bodies to speak the message is very disturbing. What if future life forms found this room and assumed that it represented the human race? As I walked home it occurred to me that the figurines had been cast aside like actresses/women are after they grow older and have served their purpose.

EHT 4/18/10