I went to Powell’s bookstore and Daniel Clowes was there talking about his new book Wilson. He talked about starting out doing comics because he loved drawing them, but he wanted to do the comic that he wanted to do instead of the one that he was expected to do. He thought he was tricking Fantagraphics into publishing as many issues as he could before Eightball ended up becoming a huge hit. He also showed the can of OK soda that he illustrated for Coke, and said that the face on the front of the can was actually taken from a drawing that he had done of Charles Manson, but the Coke people used it without knowing and he didn’t tell them.

He said the character Wilson came to him while his father was in the hospital. He just started drawing this character over and over again to make himself feel better. He also said that the character was a sort of Id version of him, the worst possible version of himself. Also he said that he wanted the book to be a lot meaner but he ended up sympathizing with Wilson so much towards the end that he ended up not being as mean as he would have liked.

At the end I gave him my comic zine All Dressed Up With Nowhere To Go and said “Here’s something to read if you get bored waiting for the bus”! It was the only thing I could think of to say. He took it and asked about the cover, which was done using scratchboard. He said it must have taken forever and that he would read it. Then he signed my copy of Wilson and even agreed to take a photo with me!

He said that he missed when people made comic zines and handed them out, because he used to get a bunch of them in the mail all the time and now he never did. He said he’d much rather look at artwork sitting in front of him than online. I promised him I would do what I could to bring it back!

I do not really like any celebrities but I have certain people I would like to meet and Daniel Clowes was one on my list. He was nice!

I always need to hear encouragement because sometimes I feel like nobody cares about anything except money. People seem isolated and want to have human connections but don’t know how, and art is one way for people to connect with one another.