Summer has started which makes most people excited at the prospect of free time but fills me with anxiety. All these days to fill like a sunday that lasts for three months!!! I have enough money to survive until school starts again but not enough to do anything like travel, so all I can do is draw and read. So I decided to give myself a project. I am going to draw and post a drawing every day for the next three months. I have always admired artists who do some sort of ‘drawing every day’ series, like one woman who drew the exact same still life every day for one year and showed all 365 together at the end of the year. It was interesting because every drawing was different, and they were dated so people could see the progression through the year. I don’t think I will draw the same thing every day but it will be interesting to see what happens and if I can make myself draw and then post every day without taking a break.

EHT 6/16/2010