When I opened my computer to look at the new additions to the art folder where Morgan sends me new comics that he draws, I did not expect to find a description of my frustrations, painstakingly drawn in appropriately red ink. I feel I can continue with my artistic/life endeavors, inspired by this comic. I intend to regularly feature artists here on Art Attack whom I admire (started with my dad). Usually I go around mentioning the things that frustrate me and inspire me to people I meet but most of them ignore me or respond hurtfully. Every once and awhile, however, someone looks into my eye and sees past the makeup to the soul within and says something inspirational, making it possible for me to continue dragging myself along the surface of this planet. I smile and notice the nice things around me, basking in the comforting notion that not everyone is out to get me. Hello world! It’s me Lizzie! I must go out into the world and attempt to better myself.

EHT 9/14/2010