Over the summer I got a membership to the Independent Publishing Resource Center here in Portland, where they have workshops and access to discount photocopies and materials. I only went in a few times but happily went about laying out the pages for my next zine, comforted by the knowledge that the IPRC was there, just down the street. Today I went and bought paper from a big warehouse place called Paper Plus, where I finally found a reasonably priced 11 by 17 heavy glossy paper for my covers. I have been making zines for years but I am always saddened by the covers of my zines, which I end up printing on computer paper. Well, no more of that! I even received a discount because I bought a package that was already open. I went down and put my paper in the photocopier and I must say I am pleased with the results- a very cheap, handmade cover for my zines that looks like magazine paper! In a few days I’ll go back when they have the bookbinding machene out and then I will have completed the publishing process. I spent the rest of my time walking around the IPRC taking pictures, being nerdy and asking the volunteers a bunch of questions.

I hope to someday volunteer or work there, there’s tons of art supplies everywhere and random art all over the walls.

That is all for today folks! EHT 9/20/10