I made this to celebrate halloween this year for my art 120 class. The assignment was to use photoshop to blend the parts of various creatures together, creating monsters. Now that I look at it he looks like he is the ‘bad boyfriend’ monster… I should have him holding roses and saying “I’ve changed… I want you back… Just give me one more chance”

Here is something I made a few years ago, inspired by the idea of monster women. I have had a few ideas for paintings that used different female faces to represent different parts of myself. I used to have monster women figurines and a monster woman lunch box that said ‘Invasion of the Monster Women’, I wish I still had that thing because it was amazing. It’s really impossible to describe.

I was searching for images to use in my Rasputina poster design and I found this… Thing. This doll looks so lonely and strange looking, it’s perfect for Rasputina but I don’t know for sure how to incorporate the idea of this weird toy into my design. I remember my friend Maya introducing me to Rasputina when I was 13, she played the song ‘Diamond Mind’ for me. Then an English teacher in highschool made me a mixed tape with Bjork and Rasputina on it, and I had never heard of either of them. It was ‘Signs of the Zodiac’. I bet that teacher doesn’t remember me at all but I still have that tape and I’ve listened to it hundreds of times.

-EHT 11/03/10