The Portfolio Review is over!!! I have spent the past few weeks designing packaging for my projects. Here is the box that everything fit in:

The back of the box:
The back of my portfolio box

If there is anything I have learned about design this year in school it is that you should never trust your own assumptions about how long a project will take because you will be wrong, WRONG!!! You will make yourself crazy. My goal was to be finished weeks ahead of time and I was still doing stuff a few days before. That is because there will always be problems- your printer deciding it doesn’t like you and does not want to print, your Photoshop quitting unexpectedly, you taking a shower and then getting drops of water on your prints… I also learned to take shortcuts and make decisions on the fly if they don’t detract from the original concept and direction of my project– I was thinking of building a box but when I found one at an art store, ON SALE, the perfect dimensions for my project, I bought it and took a day of work off of my project.

It took forever but I designed packaging for every project in my portfolio. It was trial and error to get the dimensions right for these. I had to measure each project and then calculate out the size that each package had to be so that everything would fit properly. Then I sketched the packaging out and made templates for myself in illustrator. I was able to create my designs and type work in photoshop and place it in the templates I had made.

My favorite is the packaging for “Taylor St” (the pink one). It was the most fun to make because I did so much process work for that project that I had a lot of sketches to choose from for use on the packaging.

It was nice to see all of the packaging together. They all seem to belong together while being distinct. I really enjoyed making all of the packaging because I incorporated process work into the branding system.

Everything fit nicely in my box with my process book sitting on top. The table of contents with my contact information fit perfectly in the spine of my box, and the colors correspond to the colors that I used in my packaging.

-EHT 6/1/2011