In these last few months, I’ve kept very busy- perhaps too busy, because now I’m stuck in bed with the flu. I’m taking things slow today while I get better and I realized that this is the perfect opportunity to post an update about my recent projects:

As a part of my communication design class with Kate Bingaman-Burt, I got together with three other students and interviewed the owners of food carts near where I live in downtown Portland. I was inspired by the different type and color going on everywhere- all of the carts competing for attention. I took some photos of the ones I liked most.

portland foodcarts

We asked them questions about their lives: what a typical day is like for them, when their last vacation was, and what their dreams for the future were. We found that many of them enjoyed their work, had a good working schedule and wanted to stay in the business.

We created a zine and trading cards with profiles of the owners, which all fit into a little bag that we could share with them. The zine was full of the information that we gathered about the foodcart owner’s lives.

pages from our zine… The infographics show information about the foodcart owner’s lives.

portland foodcarts

The logo I made for the carts ❤ -EHT 11/17/11