The Pearl district location of Patagonia is located in the Ecotrust building, which showcases sustainable solutions and community building. To visit Patagonia, I walked through the Ecotrust building past Hot Lips pizza and Laughing Planet Cafe. The whole place has a trendy, urban, environmentally friendly feel.

The store Patagonia makes use of large windows for lots of natural light, with additional track lighting on the ceiling. The store is clean and well organized. Old bicycle and auto parts have been repurposed and are used throughout the store as displays and as decoration. This gives the store a unique, hip, urban feel. It is artistic and masculine. There was also a large sculpture of a fish that was interesting.

Other than the wood and metal, I noticed predominantly black, tan, gray, and green colors. Yellows, oranges, magentas and reds also showed up in some of the clothes. The only example of typography that I noticed other than their logo was a booklet about reducing their environmental footprint, which used a bold, hip sans-serif.

The store had unique chairs that looked repurposed and modern, possibly custom made. They looked comfortable. A bookcase filled with hiking guides and books about the outdoors was also nice– it made the store feel comfortable.

Sound–I noticed music but it was very quiet. It sounded like indie rock.

Smell–The store smelled clean, like new shoes and clothes.

Touch– The store is full of wood and metal as displays, which are hard and cold, but the clothes are soft and warm. I think that contrast must have been intentional, to make the clothes stand out.

Memory– the location of Patagonia influenced the space because the Ecotrust building is full of symbolism. It symbolizes being concious about the environment and the future of the community and world, being fashionable and finding sustainable solutions. The store would have an entirely different feel in a strip mall, and I don’t know that they would be able to charge as much for the clothes.

I felt interested when I entered the space because there were so many non-traditional displays. I would have wanted to linger longer. I was greeted when I walked in and once when I was walking around, but I didn’t feel pressured to buy anything. I got the feeling that the people working there aren’t pressured to sell, just to be friendly and people shop.

The most memorable aspect of the visit was the displays, because they came from repurposed materials and it was fun to figure out where they were from. I expected the visit to be less engaging and was surprised.

-EHT 01/11/12