Here is my illustration for this week’s opinion piece about highschool dropout rates in Oregon:

“Only 67 percent of high school students in Oregon graduate within four years. Portland faces a more daunting problem: only 59 percent of Portland high schoolers will graduate in four years. Even fewer of these are likely to pursue higher education; roughly half of high school drop outs will not attend universities or pursue other degrees. In other words, Portland has a real problem on its hands…”

When I was a teenager, highschool became a stressful, scary place for me. I was smart but my grades were terrible. Family problems, homelessness, moving, missed days, terrible grades and other issues combined and I almost fell through the cracks. I left home and came to Eugene to live with my sister and ended up in a really awesome program in Eugene that accelerated my highschool coursework and allowed me to go to school in the afternoons and evenings. They soon realized that I learn quickly in areas that I’m interested in (writing, literature and art of course) and they helped me to graduate early and start in community college, where I did really well. I’m really grateful for the teachers that took the time to help me succeed and not be another bad statistic.

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-EHT 02/04/12