My illustration for this week’s opinion piece about the concerns regarding increasing assaults on Trimet. Whenever I ride Trimet I bring a book or listen to music & usually people leave me alone… Also, if you are on the max and someone is harassing you, just remember that you can pretend to be getting off the max and then go to another car to get away from them! I think the most unsafe place for women riding Trimet alone isn’t really on the max or bus, it’s while you are waiting for it. That’s when Trimet’s transit tracker really comes in handy, because if you have a phone you can just call ‘t-r-i-m-e-t’ and enter the stop ID and it will tell you when the next bus or max is coming. Then you can wait until right when it comes to go to the stop and you can save yourself standing around alone in a weird part of Portland. I hope Trimet does make their busses safer, especially if they are going to limit routes and get rid of fareless square.

–EHT 03/02/2012