Hello from my place… This is where I get stuff done. Right now I am excited to be working on a branding project for my friend, photographer Branden Harvey. I love doing branding and I love helping creative people better represent themselves to the world, so this is going to be a fun project for me. I am also wrapping up my work for An Abundant Life, which I’ve been working on for over a year. We got the product a few weeks ago finally and it was very fulfilling to remember all of the work I did on the design turn into a finished product. I’m excited to see their online store and website launch soon. Other than that I am working on the upcoming Orientation Guide for the Vanguard newspaper with Nicole Durkin, who is art directing, along with everyone else down at the PSU Vanguard. It’s coming out Sept. 10 so if you’re a PSU student or are on campus be sure to pick one up. We’re working hard on photos, illustrations and graphics for it so it should be something pretty special.

The view from the window of my studio… It’s been a few months since I moved and I’m still adjusting to having all of this space devoted just to creativity and working. So far it has definitely made me at least twice as productive as I was before- I just feel sooo inspired to start working when I get up in the morning! I never used to be a morning person but ever since I moved into this place I love making my decaf coffee and sitting at my desk next to the window each morning, ready to keep working projects.

That’s it for now, I’m looking forward to my fall design classes at PSU and this year at the Vanguard as production manager. I’ve been getting to know everyone there this summer and there are some pretty rad people working there so I know this next school year will be awesome.

-Lizzie 08/23/12