I was really excited to go to Albany today for the Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association awards with the rest of my co-workers at PSU Vanguard. Our newspaper won in a lot of different categories and it was interesting to see all of the different student publications in Oregon. I think the Vanguard is really unique for having good photography, writing, editing and design on a smaller budget than some of the other schools in Oregon.

I think it’s cool that they chose an illustration that I did about domestic violence awareness, something that is really important to me. When I sat down to do this illustration I really tried to put my own emotional response to this issue into it, something I’m not really able to do with every illustration.

I love doing these editorial illustrations and being a part of getting information that students care about to them, and I feel inspired now to make them even more relevant to the articles.


My illustration for last week’s opinion piece about the Trayvon Martin and why Stand Your Ground laws should be repealed. I don’t have much to say about this, because they so obviously SHOULD be repealed. It’s horrific that this happened… It just shows how backwards, fearful thinking can lead to the death of an innocent person, and it is a shame.

My friend showed me this link… Rep. Bobby Rush and his powerful reaction to the case and the unfair statement that hoodies are to blame for this tragedy:

To read at PSU Vanguard visit: http://psuvanguard.com/feature/higher-ground/

-EHT 04/07/12

Here is my illustration for this week’s opinion piece about the changes in Google’s privacy policy.

Google is getting smarter and smarter, tracking your searches & sending you advertisements that they think you’ll respond to… To do this illustration I went to Google trends and looked at all of the top searches from the past month. It’s actually pretty fascinating to see what people are searching for the most in the U.S. day by day, a lot of them were surprises to me… To read more about what the changes in the privacy policy mean for PSU students, visit PSU Vanguard

-EHT 03/15/12

Today in my design business class we visited the Official Manufacturing Co. in SE Portland. We’ve spent the term grilling different design and art business owners, trying to learn from them. The guys at OMFGCO were very encouraging. We asked them about setting up the physical studio and they said that it wasn’t until after they did all of the design for Spirit of 77 that they set up their studio space, and before that they had their office in Jeremy’s house. But Jeremy had worked with Ace Hotel for years and Fritz had worked with Stumptown Coffee, so when they started OMFGCO they were able to get clients based on that.

Their studio space is full of reclaimed signs and cool stuff, like the wall above which is covered with signs that they found from a Chinese place that went out of business. It reminds me of a highschool shop class, teacher’s lounge and design studio.

While we were asking them about what kind of advice they had for students just starting out, they said that no one really knows what they are doing but they figure it out as they go along. They said it’s a good idea to figure out what you can do and what you can’t, accept your weaknesses and strengths and if there is something you want to do but you don’t have the skills don’t let it stop you because there are probably people in your community that do have those skills.

Jeremy talked about the importance of taking good care of the people you work with, be it interns, employees or clients, because at the end of the day it’s about relationships and those relationships could grow into something amazing. He also encouraged us to work with the people that we want to, even if it means going to our favorite restaurant, taking their menu, redesigning it and handing it back to them. He said not to expect to get paid what we are worth in the beginning, because he didn’t but he did great work that ended up being priceless in terms of bringing in bigger clients.

Their kitchen… The cabinets say ‘Fine’ ‘You So Fine’ and ‘You So Fine, Guurrl’

I thought it was cool too that they talked about what motivates people- we’re taking a business class but a lot of what motivates people isn’t necessarily money, it’s other things, like the people that they are working with, how creative they are able to be on projects and how much they believe in what they are doing. He also said for us business people that starting a business is surprisingly easy, it’s the reality of keeping income coming in enough to keep it going that’s the hard part. My favorite quote was when we were asking them what they had in the beginning and they said that they began with nothing: “All you need is a laptop, your brain, and optimism.” Thanks guys!

-EHT 03/14/12

This is my illustration for this week’s opinion piece about awareness of eating disorders, something that is close to my heart because eating disorders have effected my life and many of my friend’s lives. So many women have terrible body image these days, and it’s important to raise awareness about it and understand that it is different from healthy dieting because it comes from unhealthy self-image. Eating disorders unfortunately often start when women and girls want a way to be in control of some aspect of their lives and use either starving themselves or binge eating as an escape. To read the article, visit PSU Vanguard

-EHT 03/14/2012

My illustration for this week’s opinion piece about the occupy movement. To read the full article, visit PSU Vanguard
-EHT 03/09/2012

My illustration for this week’s opinion piece about the concerns regarding increasing assaults on Trimet. Whenever I ride Trimet I bring a book or listen to music & usually people leave me alone… Also, if you are on the max and someone is harassing you, just remember that you can pretend to be getting off the max and then go to another car to get away from them! I think the most unsafe place for women riding Trimet alone isn’t really on the max or bus, it’s while you are waiting for it. That’s when Trimet’s transit tracker really comes in handy, because if you have a phone you can just call ‘t-r-i-m-e-t’ and enter the stop ID and it will tell you when the next bus or max is coming. Then you can wait until right when it comes to go to the stop and you can save yourself standing around alone in a weird part of Portland. I hope Trimet does make their busses safer, especially if they are going to limit routes and get rid of fareless square.

–EHT 03/02/2012

We all hate tuition increases. It feels like as soon as I figure out how to pay my rent and buy groceries while going to school the cost goes up again and I have to cut something important out of my diet. This week’s opinion piece goes into the why of tuition increases, you can read it here.

-EHT 03/01/12

My illustration for this week’s piece about a Portland Community College campaign spreading awareness of domestic violence using Barbie dolls. The campaign was started by Rock Creek campus student Becca Ellenbecker, who wanted a new way to catch people’s attention and educate them about this important issue. To read the full article, visit PSU Vanguard.

-EHT 02/28/12

This week in my design business class, we went to North Portland to talk to designer Lisa Jones about her business, Pigeon Toe. Lisa went to school for graphic design, and also studied fine arts. She learned pottery as a child and decided to try pottery again as a creative outlet. After she had been doing it for a few weeks, she realized that she had created a product line, and Pigeon Toe was born.

We went to visit their new space, which is a big warehouse where all of the wheel throwing, glazing and firing happens for all of their pottery. She gave us a tour, and we got to grill her with our questions about how to start a business.

Pigeon Toe is unique in that they do a large quantity of ceramics but still throw all of their ceramics on the wheel by hand. Because Lisa came to ceramics as a designer without years of experience in ceramics, Pigeon Toe has a unique aesthetic that is different from the weighty, bulky mugs and dark glazes that usually come with handmade pottery. Pigeon Toe is light, airy, delicate and unique.

Lisa also designed this table, which is in the consulting room of Pigeon Toe. I’m excited to see what this space will be like once they are all moved in. While we were there she encouraged us to create work that we’re passionate about, and she also said that although we may not use all of the skills we are learning in school in our jobs someday, it’s still valuable because it will help us figure out what we’re really supposed to be doing. I was inspired Lisa’s story because she did not take out a business loan or get any financing when she first started her business, she just made a line sheet and began asking retailers if they wanted to carry her products. When she could afford to, she expanded her business and bought new equipment. So inspiring!!!

–EHT 02/26/12