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For my digital illustration class, we created a series of illustrations/patterns around a specific theme for use in licensing. Since I have been waiting for the rain to clear away so we can feel the sun again in Portland, I decided my theme should be spring. I decided to go abstract with it and I avoided typical spring motifs like flowers. Here are the illustrations that I created:

The whole set has tons of triangles and geometric shapes which I drew by hand and then took into illustrator to color.

I liked this project because I got to integrate type using pen and ink. I mostly had T-shirts, bags and stickers in mind for the type but it could be used on any product.

The little shades were my favorite part.

I mocked the illustration set up on a few things in Photoshop to get the idea of what they look like on products:

My favorite is this pencil case:


I’ve been doing so many projects for school that I don’t have much time for my own projects, but the other day I got some scratchboard out and before I knew it I had this little bird in it’s nest. I love scratchboard, and it’s a nice thing to go back to again and again because it makes my brain think as much about negative space as it does about positive space. I’m thinking of doing a series of pieces like this, we’ll see!

EHT 1-19-11

I made this to celebrate halloween this year for my art 120 class. The assignment was to use photoshop to blend the parts of various creatures together, creating monsters. Now that I look at it he looks like he is the ‘bad boyfriend’ monster… I should have him holding roses and saying “I’ve changed… I want you back… Just give me one more chance”

Here is something I made a few years ago, inspired by the idea of monster women. I have had a few ideas for paintings that used different female faces to represent different parts of myself. I used to have monster women figurines and a monster woman lunch box that said ‘Invasion of the Monster Women’, I wish I still had that thing because it was amazing. It’s really impossible to describe.

I was searching for images to use in my Rasputina poster design and I found this… Thing. This doll looks so lonely and strange looking, it’s perfect for Rasputina but I don’t know for sure how to incorporate the idea of this weird toy into my design. I remember my friend Maya introducing me to Rasputina when I was 13, she played the song ‘Diamond Mind’ for me. Then an English teacher in highschool made me a mixed tape with Bjork and Rasputina on it, and I had never heard of either of them. It was ‘Signs of the Zodiac’. I bet that teacher doesn’t remember me at all but I still have that tape and I’ve listened to it hundreds of times.

-EHT 11/03/10

EHT 10/11/10

Good people are good to know
Make friends with your enemies
Try to listen to what they say
Find out what you like about them…

-The Ordinary Flies (song that doesn’t really relate to this drawing but I had it stuck in my head…)

I just finished making my online art gallery, PorcelainRhapsody. It is a strange feeling to have art for sale, some of which I have never shown anyone. Most of my art is emotional and/or autobiographical and so it is almost impossible to sum it up or show it in an online setting, and the viewer would need to meet me and see it in person to fully understand it. Ultimately though it depends on the person, because everyone views everything according to their own perceptions and tastes. Some people are so perceptive to visual imagery that they see a picture of my art online and comment or email me with insights which let me know that they understand. When this kind of connection happens it is like thinking that you are the only one awake with your light on in your room and then going outside and seeing the whole town dark, and then a light comes on in someone’s room because they are awake thinking, just like you. I feel less alienated now and more encouraged than ever before.

My life has changed a lot this year, because I have been living on my own and going to school. This has filled me with confidence, not necessarily because of the book knowledge I have absorbed but because I have realized that I am capable of more than I thought I was, and I grow more confident in myself all the time. The only thing holding me back before was lack of confidence in my own abilities and decisions. This is still a daily struggle for me and I have to keep reminding myself that I am doing things my way, in the best way I know how, and to trust my intuition in all situations. School and growing older has also made me realize that I have studied Art and Art History my entire life, subconsciously. I often viewed it as a hobby, but then I realized that I was consuming Art History books and comics and making art constantly, whenever I got a spare moment. It started as something to do when I felt something inside of myself that I wanted to express, but now it has become my life from the moment I wake up in the morning. I have so many ideas that I have folders on my computer full of them, just waiting for the right time. I am glad my computer has provided me with new ways of communication and inspiration.

Untitled pen and ink 01/03/10