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For my digital illustration class, we created a series of illustrations/patterns around a specific theme for use in licensing. Since I have been waiting for the rain to clear away so we can feel the sun again in Portland, I decided my theme should be spring. I decided to go abstract with it and I avoided typical spring motifs like flowers. Here are the illustrations that I created:

The whole set has tons of triangles and geometric shapes which I drew by hand and then took into illustrator to color.

I liked this project because I got to integrate type using pen and ink. I mostly had T-shirts, bags and stickers in mind for the type but it could be used on any product.

The little shades were my favorite part.

I mocked the illustration set up on a few things in Photoshop to get the idea of what they look like on products:

My favorite is this pencil case:


This is my illustration for this week’s opinion piece about awareness of eating disorders, something that is close to my heart because eating disorders have effected my life and many of my friend’s lives. So many women have terrible body image these days, and it’s important to raise awareness about it and understand that it is different from healthy dieting because it comes from unhealthy self-image. Eating disorders unfortunately often start when women and girls want a way to be in control of some aspect of their lives and use either starving themselves or binge eating as an escape. To read the article, visit PSU Vanguard

-EHT 03/14/2012

EHT 10/11/10

Good people are good to know
Make friends with your enemies
Try to listen to what they say
Find out what you like about them…

-The Ordinary Flies (song that doesn’t really relate to this drawing but I had it stuck in my head…)

This is my drawing for today!

EHT 7/3/10

Drawing of the day continues. I keep getting ideas but they don’t go together… Maybe I am wrong and they do go together, I just don’t know it yet.

EHT 7/1/2010

I got my bike fixed and rode through the neighborhoods of Portland. I thought about how weird it is that I don’t know any of my neighbors. Then a man asked me if I could spare ten bucks to get back to Kansas.

EHT 6/29/10